Patty's Current GIS Research

I recently created a mobile GIS application with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.

mobile GIS application

Screen capture of final application containing identified feature.

I'm available for hire!

I can make maps for publishing in books and I can also create web pages of your geospatial data. I have more than six years professional experience in the GIS field and am working on my Master's degree through the University of Southern California in GIST (that's and Technology). My thesis will be on analyzing more than 8,000 vehicle collisions with pedestrians and with cyclists records that I received from the Los Angeles Police Department. I'm updating this page - 4/24/2014.


Get in touch with your questions about services and availability. If you like what you read, let's be friends on Twitter.

    • Twitter: @pattyjula
    • pattyjula@gmail.com

Map of Chicken mural artwork in Los Angeles. Points give a general idea of where Chicken artwork is found in Los Angeles.

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