Creating a mask

Today is projected to be warmer than it's been in a month or so, close to 80°F. Heather's hosting a bbq today, her parents are in town. Meeting friends' parents makes things a bit more real.

I love masks and don't wear them often enough. Bill sent me a link through chat to a video from Makezine this morning. We do lots of sharing links and brief conversations on chat throughout the day, even when sitting at our computers in the apartment, located about four feet from each other. This video, on making masks using paper and ribbon, looks very suitable for me.

If you will remember, a few weeks ago I crated heart-shaped Valentine cards for friends. I have a considerable amount of paper left over from this project. I won't need to pick up more supplies to create masks. The woman in the video does use an ingenious razor tool - it's got a little hole you stick your finger through to direct the razor. Probably I can manage without it.

OK, time to get dressed and head out to bbq.